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We live in a time where every meaningful moment is expected to 

be filmed or photographed. In 1975 Rochester NY,  George Eastman developed the first digital camera, the Kodak. It's been 45 years since then, And pictures no longer tell the story people want to see. Video is the most powerful way to portray emotion experience, and tell a story. Moving forward, if your goal is to capture reality at

its finest then it's through video...if done well. This is where I come in. 

The local wine bar is a neat spot in Henderson, Las Vegas. Their vision was to capture the restaurant and get some great drink shots While keeping it short for social media. After an hour shoot, and a few editing sessions, the project turned out amazing.

For the NADA trade show, Cox Automotive trusted a local Las Vegas exhibit house to build a 24,200 square foot village. My job was to capture this massive exhibit with multiple brands to make an awesome wrap up video for the show.

Cox Automotive
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Creative Coatings is a decorative concrete company. They wanted a video to show the transformation from a raw garage floor to a fully coated one. the challenge was making this process something interesting to watch. With some great editing and unique camera movements, we were able to hook the viewer and it turned out to be a success.

Creative Coatings

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I capture moments through video

and edit them to impact the audience.  I have dedicated my life to learning and improving my ability to tell stories via videography.

All markets need videography in their marketing mix and I'm here to help. 

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